Reconnect with your ex

Sometimes, things just do not go as you planned. However, to get what you want takes commitment, dedication, and hard work. When it comes to relationships, it’s not all about what you do or what you have – it is mostly about knowing how to fight for what is yours. A relationship needs nurture and a lot of effort. Once you lose it, you will find that it is even harder to get the second time around. That is exactly what makes the second time around sweeter. Here are the things that you need to know on how to get him back:

The Challenge

To have your love returned is a big challenge but once you have done enough to hurt that person leading to a break up, it is an ever bigger challenge to get ex back. Once a person lets go, it means that their patience, desire, care, respect, and even their love were not enough to keep them holding on. It means that you have hurt that person and for most, getting them to open their heart for you is out of the question. However, getting an ex back is still possible. First, you have to accept that it might just be the biggest challenge that you take. Go through these steps if you want to know how to get an ex back:

  • Assess the situation. First, you need to be objective. You need to identify whether your ex considers getting back together as a possibility or not. Accurate assessment may not guarantee that you will win your ex back but it will help you have an idea on how much effort you will need and how to get ex back. You have to consider why exactly your relationship ended. Who ended it? How did it end? When you are able to answer these questions truthfully and objectively, then you will know whether your ex is open to a second try or not.
  • Open communication. Communication, especially an honest one, builds strong relationships. It can even mend broken relationships too. Before, during, and shortly after the break-up, what usually happens is that blames fly to and fro, curses, lies, and reliving the other’s mistakes during the relationship are done in turns. That will never work if you are looking for ways on how to win back your ex. This time, communicate humbly with only one thing in mind – to be with your ex again. If there is no

    chance of talking to your ex face to face, a heartfelt letter might be more effective. Write down how you feel without blaming and without pointing out what should have happened instead outright. First, tell your ex how you feel and sincerely commit to changing what needs to be changed.  This is a big leap on how to get a guy back.

  • Do not try too hard. Do not push too hard. You may think, “How to get my boyfriend back?” night and day but your ex does not need to know about it. Your ex does not need to feel it. Wounds take time to heal and make sure that you give your ex the time and space that he needs to heal and think things over. With luck, your ex may even realize that the breakup was a big mistake. Avoid appearing too desperate as although in some cases, this leads to getting back together, it also results to being taken for granted and no one wants that.
  • Rekindle desire. If you are thinking of ways on how to get your husband back or if you woke up one day thinking, “I want my ex boyfriend back,” then you have to remind him why he wanted you in the first place. Most boyfriends feel suffocated when they spend too much time with their girlfriends. Therefore, you should give him time to miss you. Remind him of your best girlfriend or wife qualities without appearing too “available”. Do not run to answer his call every time he calls your phone. Enjoy the time that you have as a single person while subtly working on how to get him back. Doing so may even lead to self-rediscovery and may even make you feel good about yourself. Once you are back on track, he will see what he’s missing.
  • Be what you want. You may be too busy looking for the best qualities in your significant other that you forget to look after yourself. Just like in looking for a good friend, you have to be one. So, when looking to bring out the best in your partner, you have to make sure that you are able to bring out the best in yourself first. Before you think, “How to get my husband back?” think of what is it that you should have for your husband to want you back.

Once that you have your ex back, then it is time to think about how to make it last the second time around. The answer to your question on how to get boyfriend back is just the beginning of another chapter in your life. Make it count.

Make your boyfriend happy