You have been together for so long, and you thought it was going to last forever. In your heart, you believed that she is “The One”, and that you will spend eternity with the love of your life. Suddenly out of nowhere, she dumps you because it was no longer the fairy tale that she hoped it would be. You miss her and now you are thinking of how to get your ex back


It could also be that your relationship started out as a wonderful friendship founded on mutual respect and admiration. As time went by, familiarity bred contempt, and worse, hostility and you just had to end it. After some time, you experience the void she has left after you parted ways, so you are now wondering how to get your girlfriend back


Or you saw the falling out in your mind a long time ago, the moment you cheated on her for another woman who gave you cheap thrills. You convinced yourself back then that she wouldn’t find out and you were very wrong. She left you and the pain is now unbearable. So all you think about now is how to get my ex girlfriend back


Whatever the reason may be, you are now longing for her and you yearn for her presence in your life. Her smile, her touch, and even her craziness at times. So you have decided to create a plan on how to win back your ex girlfriend


How in the world can you get her back? What magical spells must you use to ensure that you will be back together? Of course, self-proclaimed love experts out there will suggest different strategies about how to win your girlfriend back The problem is there are really no fool-proof tactics if you’re asking yourself how to get my ex back


After all, you might not even be good for each other. This article provides three basic steps on how to get your ex back.

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Step 1 – Time and Space Warps


Science fiction shows the fantastic idea about “time and space warps”. It shows how people can distort or travel through time and space with relative ease. In your broken relationship, you can also apply this by giving your ex the chance to think about your past together without you around. You need to warp yourself away and give her space and time. After all, this may be a great opportunity for both of you to realize your importance in each other’s lives.


No calling or texting. No social media interactions. Absolutely no stalking. Unless she makes the first move to get back to you, just give her space and time. Those who have broken up believe that physical separation will hasten the forgetting process. Most of the time, though, people who really loved each other in the past will sooner or later miss their exes. Whether they will eventually want to get back in the relationship is their decision. You may think that this is not the proper way on how to win a girl back, but separation can definitely help.


Just in case your ex begins dating other people too soon, do not fret. You may already be thinking of drastic measures on how to get your ex girlfriend back Note, however, that in most cases, those are just “rebound relationships”. It is your ex-girlfriend’s way of trying to forget you or find herself. Let her. Avoid looking too needy by begging for her to come back all of a sudden. Separation may help both of you in the long run.    


Step 2 – System Upgrades


The time you’re separated from each other is also the perfect time to “upgrade your systems”. This means improving oneself.


Grieve if you want to grieve. Feel your feelings, but set a deadline for your sorrow. It may take months, but decide to be happy when the right time comes. Believe that it isn’t the end of the world for you. Instead, it can be a new and glorious beginning.

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During or after the grief, it will be great to begin the personal growth process. The growth may be physical. This will be a fantastic time to make positive changes in your personal appearance and grooming. Women usually do “makeovers” when they are devastated, and there is no reason why men can’t do the same.  


Although physical improvements are essential in improving one’s self-esteem, you can also use the time after your breakup to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Write a journal. Do meditations. Take up a new hobby or skill. Spend more time with friends who uplift you. Go on dates. Do anything that will make you happier in due time. Become the best version of yourself.  


Step 3 – Reconnection Tests


After some time, when you feel like you have grown as a person, assess if it’s already the right time to reconnect with your ex. This is the perfect time to think about the best plan on how to get her back No need to hurry because before you contact your ex, you must have grown as a person and you are no longer a mess.


During the time of “time and space warps”, your ex may have thought about what happened to you. At this point, the bad memories may have become a blur, and your ex may think about the good qualities that she liked about you. She will miss you.


It is safer to contact her through text, social media, or a letter. By doing so, you can assess if she is ready to talk to you or if she still needs a little more time. It is also the time to assess whether you need to finally let go.


If her response is positive, then you can slowly build up the communication by calling her, and eventually meeting her in person. Do not call it “a date” just in case she gives in. Also, at this point, it is imperative to show the “new and improved you” without appearing too clingy or needy.


During these “reconnection tests”, you can guage whether your ex wants to start anew. If she does, make sure that she is making a decision that she will cherish for the rest of her life.


Getting your ex back successfully shouldn’t cause you to slack off, though. Remember that even if she makes you happy at times, you are entering the relationship not because you want to be happy in a hedonistic sense.


People enter relationships not because they are perfect but because they become happier by making others feel the same. If selflessly try your best to make here happier, it will no longer be necessary to think of how to get your ex girlfriend back because she will no longer think about leaving you.