Your phone lit up and it revealed the name of your girlfriend. You were about to grin when you saw the text, “let’s break up”. You love that girl so much. You can’t even think about waking up in the morning without her sweet messages. You already have plans for her. You thought that she is your “Forever”.  You tried to get help from your friends but they just laughed and said go get another chic. You want her back. Really bad.  You already miss the affection, the time when you two are cuddling. Those memories that both of you have made. Everyone keeps telling you to move on, but you didn’t listen. You still stalk her on her social media accounts.

Every text message beep, every ring of the doorbell, and every phone call, you always wish that it is her. You tried to remove the pain but it is just so hard for you to forget her. You don’t want to move on because you want her in your arms again. You even got to the point where you call her a hundred times.

Years passed by and these questions linger in your mind. Do you still love her? Still can’t get over her? Say, how to get your ex-girlfriend back? You have spent a lot of time searching the net on “how to get a girl back”, and “how to win her back.” You are freaking out because the content doesn’t seem to relate to your status. Let’s say you are desperate enough to have her back. Here are some tips on How to get your ex back.

First things first, give her space. Don’t text or even call her. We often think that if we don’t show our presence to someone, they’ll forget us. But the truth is, you’re just giving her time to think of you and miss you.  Second, don’t beg for her love. You want her love, not her pity. Next, try to reflect on yourself and think if you really need her. Enjoy being single and independent.  Last is, when you feel you are happy and ready to talk to her again, confront her and admit your mistakes and try to ask her again for another chance.  

And that’s how you get your ex-girlfriend back. There are a lot of articles about “how to get girlfriend back”, “get ex-girlfriend back”, “how to get an ex-girlfriend back”, “how to get back with your ex-girlfriend” etc. But all of those have the same content.

Let’s take it to the next level.  How to get your wife back. Simply try to admit your mistakes and show to her that you are sorry for everything that you have done wrong to her. Next is try to show affection to her. It’s going to be easy to have her back since she’s your wife and you know her .You know what to do when she’s mad.  Also, don’t be mad when she doesn’t appreciate you for being sorry. Just think that she wants some affection from you. And that is the answer to your question “how to get my wife back?”

If it goes smoothly and successfully, then you are very lucky to have her again. Don’t do the things that will make her mad or upset again. Enjoy being with her and make memorable things with her again. Think about the things that made her fall for you and do it again this time. Don’t forget to make her smile and laugh EVERYDAY. Try to do good things for her to forget what you did and trust you again. Try to be more patient and understanding to her because girls will always be girls.

She can have a mood swings, and you know that already. Be more affectionate and thoughtful. Don’t make her cry or even frown. Make her feel special. Make her feel like she’s so lucky and she’s the only girl of your life. Go out and have a date with her. When you notice that she is stressed or depressed, bring her a cup of hot chocolate. Cherish the time with her and live a happy life.

If it didn’t turn out well, it really is the time to move on. Take your time to heal. Don’t blame yourself, you’ve done your best to win her back. Cry it all out. Focus on yourself. Focus on your studies or career. Go ahead and give yourself some love. Treat yourself at the salon; shop for yourself. Grab some pencil and a sheet of paper. Now, write the things that you like about yourself. A piece of paper will most likely not be enough. After that activity, you will realize that you have a lot of things that you like about yourself. You’ll smile and think that there are a lot of things that your ex didn’t appreciate at all.

There are things to like about you. Enjoy being single and free. Enjoy having no worries. Just love yourself and the right one will come to you in no time. No need to bother about “how to get your ex-girlfriend back”.

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